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Рада вас вітати на Тревл курсі для самостійного опрацювання ❤️

Знизу є відео і Домашнє завдання для кожної теми👇❤️

Day 1✅👇

Day 1 “How to book a hotel or an apartment

Day 2✅👇

Day 2 “When are you flying?”

Day 3✅👇

Day 3 “Can I take your coat?”

Day 4✅👇

Day 4 “I’m looking for a bargain”

Day 5✅👇

Day 5 “I’ve got a pain in my arm”

Додаткове завдання👇

# Day 3
Ted talk👇
Complete the facts about eating food in our comments 👇
1)If you eat one_______ every day, it can increase the possibility of dying by a third.
2)Meat causes more emissions than all
_______ together.

# Day 3
Ted Talk
Choose the correct option 👇
Which of these rules is part of Graham’s solution?
1)Only eat fish at the weekend.
2)Don’t eat meat on Saturdays and Sundays.
3)Reduce the amount of meat you eat by 70 %.